• Tabitha's Table

Pumpkin Box Centerpiece

Updated: Nov 17, 2019


-Short wooden box of your choice. Mine is approximately 4 inches tall. If your table is rectangle, I recommend a rectangle box. If your table is round or square, I recommend a square box.

-1 large flat pumpkin for the center

-2 gourds

-Mini pumpkins and gourds to fill in the rest of the box


1. Place your box on the center of the table. Place the large flat pumpkin in the center of the box.

2. Place the two gourds on the opposite sides of the pumpkin, in the opposite corners of the box, and with the stems pointing in the opposite direction.

3. Fill in the holes with the mini pumpkins. Try to evenly distribute the colors. This will bring balance. You don't want mostly orange on one side and mostly white on the other.

4. Add candle sticks if desired.

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