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How to make a $5 pine garland look expensive

You will need:

-Tin snips or wire cutters

-Cheap pine garland from Walmart or Target

-Zip ties

-Ficus leaf branches

-Asparagus fern bush

-Willow leaf garlands


  1. Attach the pine garland to your stair case spindles with the zip ties.

  2. Weave the willow leaf garland into the pine garland

  3. Cut the ficus leaf branches into 3 separate pieces.

  4. Add the ficus leaf pieces into the garland by starting at one end and placing a piece on the top of the garland. Then, place a piece on the bottom of the garland where the top one ends. The pieces should make a zigzag pattern throughout the garland.

  5. Cut the asparagus fern into individual stems (it should be in a bush so there will be a bunch of stems attached to one large stem)

  6. Add the asparagus fern the same way you added the ficus leaf but add it to the "holes" the ficus leaf pieces created in the garland.


Q. Is the garland real or fake?

A. It is all faux but you could add real evergreen into the cheap fake pine garland.


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