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DIY Baby Tears Centerpiece

Baby tears are a indoor plant that needs about 6 hours of indirect sunlight. As they grow they won't get very tall but will spread. Water only when soil is dry.


-wooden box (16" long x 6" wide)

-4 (2" pots of baby tears)


-potting soil



1. Flip your box upside down and use a 3/4" drill bit to drill 4 holes evenly spaced in the bottom down the center.

2. Put in a layer of gravel.

3. Fill box about 3/4 of the way full with soil.

4. Place your baby tears on top of the soil, evenly spaced.

5. Fill in around the baby tears with soil and press soil down around the plants.

Note: Make sure that there is enough soil around plants to cover their roots.

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